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Safely in the Slip

My relationship is alive and well and the passengers afloat

Let me describe for you what I find here on the love boat,

There are sails that are a bit tattered and torn, but they still fly

They are being pushed by the gospel wind into the by and by.

There is a rudder that is able to make changes when needed

It responds to the navigator when her direction is then heeded,

There are a lot of bells and whistles with Bella as the first mate

She plans the silly games and we are blessed to have a play date.

I mostly do the grilling, try to keep it simple, the maritime chow

I do not have a college degree, muddle thru the meals somehow,

We use the Word of God as our fuel and our navigation charts

We will rely on the Lord to bring us home when this life departs.

After a fashion, I am captain of this simple, seafaring schooner

At times I am the boatswain, at others; an entertaining crooner,

This vessel of domestic divergence and bliss sails the harbor daily

I do my best to keep my eyes on the prize, her love never fails me.

Whether we sail on the lake Of Michigan in a calm and easy way

Or sail around the world, following the trade winds that display,

I steer clear of the fields of icebergs that would sink our tiny ship

I am blessed man on the bridge of true love and safely in the slip.

Written by Gary Cox on 09/07/2019. To God be the glory!

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