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There has been so much of your life stolen

And too much hate and hurt to be ignored,

You have been battered and are broken

Will your innocence and faith be restored?

There were many signals and signs of trouble

Screams in the night that were outpoured,

Your protectors had become your predators

A terrible cost paid that you could not afford.

Incest, violence and enabling is the ugly name

Rape and repeated ravaging is the wicked game,

Will you break free of the childhood cords?

And in this life, will you ever be restored?

I am blessed that this situation is not mine

But the poet in me is still sobbing and crying,

Of this I am quite confident and are certain

That while sin is in the world, we are hurting.

Will you become part of the solemn solution?

Ending once and for all time a sickening pollution,

Will you raise awareness and help her be restored?

Or is this another cause that can just be ignored?

Written by Gary Cox 9/27/2018

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