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The Dazzling Dandelion

Here is a simple story about a flower that we call the dandelion

It is full of rich history and may one day bloom on Mount Zion,

Its name is derived from French meaning the tooth of the lion

Upon the continents of North America and Eurasia are residing.

In times past and ancient, these plants were used as medicine

Science changed its name for nefarious purposes, I’m guessing,

A modern name for this flower means bitter, but it is truly not

A buffet of sustenance for the bees here is what you have got.

These flowers are drawn to the sun and in the morning open up

They are rarely found just as one, as a salad with these may sup,

Like many humans, these tend to be much sweeter when young

They deserve to be reserved and into a sonnet, so sweetly sung.

In the evening these fauna close and take their nocturnal rest

Make a bit of sweet tea with these in the afternoon, be blessed,

When they have closed out their life and are empty of all tears

They form a cylinder of seeds; fly away like a parachute of biers.

Among all of the flowers on Earth, these are their own astronomy

They can resemble the sun, the moon and the galaxies so starry,

Despite the best attempts of the elite to kill them, they still live

Allowing them to flourish, to nourish your lawn and you will give.

These contain more vitamins and minerals than foods in a drive

They can help you with your moods; in the meadows to thrive

Just as people, one in a thousand will embark upon a journey

Going to new places and so exuberant in their trek to be free!

Written by Gary Cox 04/08/ God be the glory

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