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Psalmist 17.0

As I look upon the landscape, there is death everywhere

My enemies have overrun my defenses and do not care,

I am feeling a paralyzing fear that I have never yet known

It mocks my name and rides on the wind as it is blowing.

I hastily call upon You now, my Lord and my eternal king

I have kept my praying hands from violence in everything,

I have read Your holy word and have inclined it to my ears

I gave alms to the poor, being faithful all of these years.

Rise up now, O Lord, in a mighty way that only You can

Destroy the enemy, confounding his evil and dark plan,

Awaken me from this fallen realm, as in troubled dreams

When I will see Your likeness and be at home, so it seems.

May my children live in peace and be a joy to the world

May they be a banner of love, like a flag that is unfurled,

I will spend an eternity writing stories, giving You praise

I will remain Your humble servant through all of my days!

Author’s notes: This poem was inspired by Psalm 17 and I am thankful for the words to write. Shalom!

Written by Gary Cox 6/11/2019. To God be the glory!

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