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Princess Bella and Penelope Partake of Pizza

Princess Bella was quite hungry from her recent play date She stopped by Paulo’s Pizza Parlor with her favorite mate, Although Penelope was a fan of oats, hay and a ripe apple She would nibble on a good pizza, even if only a sample.

Paulo was screaming and the crowd was getting mad I need some ripe olives and I need them really bad, I ordered them two days ago and yet there are none Dodging the curses and threats of this crowd is no fun.

Paulo’s was famous for its deep pan Peruvian pizza pie That was drenched in ripe olives that were stacked high, We can gallop down to acquisitions to make an inquiry To find the missing olives and set the hungry crowd free.

They came into the office and the clerk was not around But in the back of the building, they heard a loud sound, Where has this pen gone and I can never get this work done Why are the phones always ringing when I am the only one?

Bella asked this person are you the manager in charge? We need an order of olives, are they sitting on the barge? My name is Andy the Antelope and I have lost my fancy pen I am afraid that it is lost and will never come back again.

Bella said, dear sir, the local pizza business ground to a halt It is your responsibility to fill the order and it is your fault, Please use another pen or whatever else you can find Paulo is in danger of losing his business and his mind.

Ok, young whippersnapper, do not be coy with me I will release the olives if that is what you wish to see, Now, will you go away as I try to find my special pen? It was a gift from my twin, who is my very best friend.

Penelope, please take these olives to Paulo’s pizza parlor I will stay here and help Andy find the pen, it is no bother, Andy, my name is Bella and forgive me if I sounded rude I am a young princess in Missouri with a pleasant attitude.

It is ok, young miss, the whole world always is in a hurry Making a mess of my office and leaving in quite a flurry, I miss my twin, for she is travelling and coming home to me If I lose her special pen, it will be quite the catastrophe.

Andy, there is a pen behind your ear that is the color red Could it be that this pen has been hiding there instead? Why yes, so it is and I must have been focused and subdued I thought that the pen had run away or perhaps had moved.

Will you come to the pizza parlor with me for a tasty treat? There is someone there right now that I think you outta meet, As they entered the pizza parlor, everyone shouted out surprise Andy’s twin, Amy, was waiting there for him with tears in her eyes.

Andy, you silly goose, I can always get you another pencil and pen You lose your track of the time and your focus every now and then, Come home with me for there is now much celebrating to do Let these words sink into your soul and spirit, I truly love you.

Penned by Gary Cox 04/24/2017

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