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Peace and Security, They Cry Out

I have warned you in the best way that I know how to do

I wonder of those listening, was it the many or the few?

A fig tree has been planted and its fruit is in full season

Do you my words resonate or do I seem without reason?

Did those who served at Pearl Harbor there in Hawaii

Have a care that fateful morning when all too blindly?

The world would forever change, the world was at war

Nothing would ever go back to the way it was before.

A peace plan for the ages seeks a result by thus dividing

In the city of Jerusalem, where multitudes are residing,

Will the covenant that the Lord made with Abraham die?

Is Messiah asleep on a rocking chair in the sweet by and by?

Those who are awake have been commanded to then watch

To have lamps full of oil if the Bridegroom comes after dark,

Or are there secular events that present a chance to drink?

Regardless of your response, I have shared what it is I think.

Written by Gary Cox 1/24/2020

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