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Our Poetic Love

It is a true love built from my poetry

It brightens, lightens and amazes me,

I can say this with clarity and certainty

I will always love you, this much I know.

It is us leaning on His loving arms

Not just a fad, lusting or charms,

But like the horses in a warm barn

There is a safe place for us to go.

We are building our married lives

And I simply wanted you to realize,

That within my blue and azure eyes

You are the happy melody I sing.

I am a blessed and very fortunate man

Living out my dreams within the plan,

By your side on Earth is where I stand

You are my wife, life and my everything.

Even when I am angry, impatient and loud

When I act a foolish tool by being proud,

You faithfully forgive me and I am allowed

To be the dedicated daddy to our little girl.

So let me say this poetically once again

You are my wife and my very best friend,

I praise the Lord for your love and care, amen

You are my happiness here in this fallen world.

Written for my wife Amy Dixon Cox by Gary Cox on 6/8/2018. To God be the Glory

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