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Once Upon A Pavilion

It is springtime now here in Missouri

In the pavilion is where you find me,

Writing a tune about the gospel story

Being simple and giving God the glory.

Do you see now the signs of the times?

In the skies, the papers, and the climes,

Are you ready to go home and bid adieu?

I am a wayfarer and a writer of the true.

I served my country and defended a flag

I served with honor and no need to brag,

The times have changed and made anew

There is hatred of the red, white and blue.

I will do my best to defend my tiny family

They have always loved and stood by me,

If it is now martyrdom that seals my fate

I will not take a mark to a beast with hate.

So many of those I once loved I hope to see

Praising the Lord and at last, I am now free,

If this is the very last poem I am able to pen

I have finished the race with His grace, Amen!

Written by Gary Cox 03/12/ God be the glory

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