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My Day Started at Three

I think that this must be a parenting thing, for my day started at three

When I heard the sound of thunder that made my heart beat loudly,

There was a persistent knock on my door; I thought it was our child

Instead it was the Labrador retriever, who wanted to be reconciled.

The tiny house shook quite a bit with many bright flashes all around

Ray Ray jumped next to me whenever he heard the booming sound,

I was very surprised to find that our Isabella was blissfully unaware

She slept through the whole night without a worry or a hurry to care.

I never made it back to fully asleep, but sometimes felt a wet nose

I am between groggy and awake with an expression that truly shows,

I am blessed to have gotten a taste of what it must feel like to know

A newborn mother’s fatigue, struggling to sleep before tomorrow.

We had plans today to be out of doors and perhaps even take a swim

Until the storm subsides, our activities will be low key, staying within,

Whatever your day yields, I am happy to have been part of your journey

Come visit us someday and get a taste of the storms here in Missouri!

Written by Gary Cox 8/16/2019. To God be the Glory!

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