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Help Me To Be

Help me to live a life that is worth living

So quick to lend a hand, to be forgiving,

When others see into my soul internally

May it be Jesus Christ who gets the glory.

May I focus my giving into a new wineskin

Trusting the Lord will purify His wine within,

It is good to be led by righteousness in truth

The grace I give to others will be the proof.

Help me remember that I am not the judge

So if into casting aspersions, I will not budge,

That I owed a debt that I could never repay

Paid by the One who is the Life and the Way.

May I finish this journey and see His holy face

His plan is turnkey, is completed by His grace,

May I be still, at times, the answers to prayers

Be the goodwill ambassador, tending to cares.

Help me…

Written by Gary Cox 06/13/ God be the glory

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