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Goodbye Mr. Leo

I remember when he was underfoot

Would not relent until I gave a look,

He had a single minded focus to do

Mr. Leo, I will be surely missing you.

As I always do, I will cry some tears

Finding the courage to face my fears,

It is so painful, dying and letting go

I am writing this poem for my Mr. Leo.

He was once scared to go out the door

He purred and let me pet him more,

He was curious about my next snack

He asked for a belly rub on his back.

As I always do, I remember mortality

We finish our race with such finality,

I know many of you will say goodbye

I am stoic and collected, inside I cry.

It broke my daddy’s heart to tell Bella

I now remember the story of Old Yeller,

I may not the person to pull the trigger

But the end will be the same, I figure.

As I always do, I will try to make sense

Even though I write now in past tense,

No matter where I travel to or ever go

A part of me will remember my Mr. Leo…

Written by Gary Cox 02/19/ God be the glory

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