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Fare Thee Well

With the talent that I have been given, I am writing to you

With the merit of the gospel, I did the best that I can do,

With the advent of the many blood moons, I then realized

The end of the age of men has been carefully strategized.

I am aware that the vast majority of you think I am crazy

Why I was not a musician or a famous speaker, am I lazy?

Who gave me the authority to speak words of foreboding?

Is it an empty shell of dark dreams that I am now holding?

I can only say that if you study Scripture and are fully awake

You would conclude that we are living at the end, no mistake,

Have you prayed to be counted worthy to escape the flame?

One that burns brightly and will deceive many with his name.

If my messages have prompted at least one person to repent

Then I am satisfied that my talent and life have been well spent,

I am not going to enter into a debate; am tired of the fighting

I hope to share a warm meal with you at the end of my writing.

Fare thee well and peacefully I live, happy with whom I am

Adieu until we meet again at the Holy Supper of The Lamb!

Written by Gary Cox 12/13/2019. To God be the glory!

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