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Do You Understand?

To gain understanding is a rare and precious gift

To be understood is the sweetest thing that there is,

I am a man who is standing on the many promises

I stand under a Cross that trades sorrows for bliss.

Have you walked in another’s shoes for a while?

You may then understand the reason they smile,

Have you then watched another’s pains compile?

If do not feel their pain, you are living in denial.

Do you have two ears and listen twice as long?

Do you make room for others within the song?

Do you speak more of yourself than you should?

Would you stop to listen now even if you could?

I hope that I have an understanding of why I write

I have a calling that demands that I seek the Light,

Is your trek one that lights up the darkness at night?

I will pray for your illumination with all of my might.

To stand with the righteous man who has understanding

May cost you your life of luxury and your social standing,

Do you leave your Bible on the nightstand unopened?

Stand up and understand the meaning of this poem!

Written by Gary Cox 10/4/2019. To God be the glory!

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