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An End to What Could Have Been

This song always gets to me and I sometimes have to cry

When I think of the seasons and the crazy reasons why,

The lyrics from this song drove me into a depressed zone

I never found peace of mind or a lasting love in my home.

What could have been had become my favorite thing to say

It gave me a badge of honor and the courage to forever stay,

After decades of building empty castles and drifting in the air

I decided that could have been was no longer for me to share.

There is much more to this life than just the desire of a lover

I had so much life left to live and by the grace of God discover,

If you are held hostage by the sad words what could have been

Make a decision right now to make a clean break and an end.

I still have never held what could have been and I never will

I am now holding tight to a true love that will be mine until,

Unrequited and totally undecided are not qualities to seek

Moving on and making a new life are wise words to speak.

If it was not beautiful and you are finding yourself all alone

Act upon the advice I have given you in this pensive poem,

Never settle for what could have been, but seek the Light

And a true love can be forever yours every day and night!

Written by Gary Cox 12/10/2019 in the style of Tiffany. To God be the Glory!

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