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Adder the Addict

Adder the addict was a slithering mess Always failing whenever put to the test, He wanted desperately to change his name But he was controlled by an unspoken shame.

His every thought amounted to getting high To get another fix; he would kill, scheme or lie, He would sometimes burgle for his deadly drug Or in violence seek an easy mark, someone to mug.

Days passed by and thus, the weeks become years When he looked in the mirror, he saw his many fears, I am nothing more than a lost serpent, Adder cursed Wondering if in his lifetime, he has seen the very worst.

More time passed and Adder was losing his very mind He felt like a wretched fool who had become so blind, He collapsed into a heap and was truly hoping to die But a voice from heaven called down from the sky.

Oh Adder, you have become addled, will you not change? Called a voice to him that was both powerful and strange, I cannot change, even though many times I have tried The addiction is strong and I fear it will never subside.

You are mistaken, Adder, I have given you a life anew I am giving you a new name, one so very fair and true, And as Adder looked up, he could see the face of the Lord James you will be now called, live in peace and one accord!

James remembered the addled adder he had once been Living a life of addiction and bondage to drugs and sin, James told all that if a snake can shed its ways and skin The power of The Lord can make a man whole once again!

Written by Gary Cox 2/4/2016

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