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A Tiny Bit Of Wisdom

Here is a bit of the tiny wisdom that I have learned

Gleaned from the many scars that I have since earned,

It is wonderful when as friends, you are able to connect

Remember to honor boundaries and to always respect.

You had better learn to happy in your own shadow

People are fickle and are not always able to follow,

So sing a song and bake cookies, even if just for you

Develop patience and have something worthy to do.

You are not here to be a big boss or squelch free will

Learn to hear the quiet, inner voice of your spirit until,

There are times to share with others and it amazes me

The times I experienced lack, I was in a lifestyle so lazy.

I know not whether I will ever get to see some of you

Share in a happy song that with love and joy we imbue,

I have made many travels and trekked across the globe

I have been a box of music; for many others an earlobe.

When I think of each of you, I try to ask the Lord for grace

So that we may meet him and sing a hymn, face to face,

If there was aught that I had against you, it is now forgot

If I could be a flower for you, it would be a forget me not.

I hope that if there is an old John Denver tune a playing

You would think of me with joy and remember this saying,

I know not whether it is country roads that lead me home

Wherever I am, I shall always be singing and writing a poem.

Written by Gary Cox 9/28/2019. To God be the glory!

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