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A Song For The Grieving

Lend me your ear and I shall write now a simple song

It is a song of life; you may find yourself singing along,

Choosing to greet a new life and the courage to believe

You will someday say goodbye and afterwards grieve.

This is true whether or not you desire to cry the tears

For is this life not a vapor and facing our many fears?

The joy a newly born spirit brings is beyond measure

The times you build happy memories are a treasure.

For each of us this experience is different, yet the same

A little bit later today, there is played a sporting game,

I would trade all of the pomp for just a bit more time

There is no trophy given for being sad and the crying.

This new song ends not on a crescendo with a battle cry

It is a dirge; hopes to reconnect in the sweet by and by,

The melody has yet to be composed and I lack the voice

I write to you a challenge and with the courage a choice.

Believing and receiving, we are once again made anew

Reposing and grieving, on Earth it is what we must do…

Written by Gary Cox 02/07/ God be the glory

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