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A Poem For The Ambulance Home

This life can challenge you to the core, do you have a plan?

For one entrepreneur, this was mobility outside of the van,

When a mechanical conveyance of wonders gave the chance

She purchased her rig and began transforming the ambulance.

This has been done many times before with a look so Spartan

With a desire to remain fashionable, the interior was parting,

To see her abode from the inside, you would think it a chalet

An adorable place to cook a meal, read a book and a getaway.

This lady is not a prima donna and baby, did this need work

But the satisfaction of being in the action was a joy and a perk,

Her home has all of the comforts you need, including the fire

Out of the many modified vehicles, here is one I truly admire.

I hope that whoever sees Amanda on the road will honor her

Paying a brief homage to her ingenuity that is steady and sure,

There are myriad ways of calling a place home and this is one

I salute this tiny home on wheels that truly feels cozy and fun!

Written by Gary Cox 04/13/ God be the glory

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