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A Place To Call Home

I was down on my luck and no longer a young buck

And yet, you chose to reach out to me,

I was usually a poor chooser, portrayed as a loser

We met, and I have fulfilled my destiny.

I know not the whole score; I am no longer poor

I have a treasure that has truly saved me,

I have the common sense to say within this tense

Without measure, I love you, oh my Amy.

How much longer we will live, I know not, but I give

To each day with you my very best,

If I only wrote one song to heal and right every wrong

I’d title it, thanks to you I am blessed.

So let me close with a melody that no one knows

It stirs the heart and lives in this poem,

Because of your dear love that was sent from above

I have a new start, a place to call home.

Written by Gary Cox 05/07/ God be the glory

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