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A Harbor of Hosannas For Him

Adoring, adoring, to the pier I am now mooring

Safely attached to the shelter of Your loving arms,

Soaring, soaring, like a new baby is a borning

You keep me safe from the storms and all harms.

I grow a bit older and a bit bolder, I am walking

I stumble and I falter, You then lift me up again,

You are my rock and my boulder, I am talking

Learning to speak words of life and love, amen.

I embark on a journey and take You with me afar

I get distracted and have enacted a plan to fail,

Like a rotten corpse on a gurney or a runaway car

My life comes crashing down and loudly I wail.

You are there to restore me when I am ready to repent

I remember You have given me a manual to follow,

I repay the debts I have accrued to those who have lent

I seek Your face daily and I trust You with tomorrow.

It is a curious thing that for a man to know he is found

He must yield to his Creator and admit that he is lost,

I have built my life on the Rock and on steady ground

I am back safely in the slip and no longer being tossed.

I worship You as the captain and the beacon of my soul

I leave it to You to correct me as a parent does a tiny child,

Apart from You I am adrift and in danger on the shoals

I praise Jesus for helping me with the Father be reconciled.

Abba, Father and Abba to the Son and the One eternally.

Worthy of the praises and the songs that I shall sing,

Like a lighthouse that always shines, you have guided me

Safely into the harbor of Your shores, You shall bring.


Written by Gary Cox 9/19/2019. To God be the glory!

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