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Versatile Psalmist 26.0

A Confession of Faith

O Lord, I have since the moment of my deliverance now walked

My pathway has been lit by your truth and I have truthfully talked,

I did not seek to do the evil that overcomes the many hypocrites

Who play their games in the seats of power where all liars exist.

I have been careful that my eyes did not see the images of lust

I have been faithful to take care of my family, doing as I must,

With integrity I have walked the narrow path and persevered

I claimed strength from You and overcame that which I feared.

I raise my hands now to sing You a praise with all joy and zeal

Being confident that my confession to you is genuine and real,

Although I pray for the wicked, I do not reside in their places

I do not patronize brothels or strive for drugs in wild chases.

I love my wife from my youth and with our children stay home

Not envious of the society’s that exist in Babylon or in Rome,

At the end of my life, I hope you will redeem me to then live

With the Lord God Almighty and the blessings that He gives!

If I ever write a sweet hymn to glorify You, then let this verse be

A ballad about a Father’s great love that goes on for all eternity,

You loved me and clung to me, even in the darkest of all hours

You vanquished my enemies with all dispatch and all powers.

Hallelujah to the Lord, who is the greatest of the heavenly host

Glory and honor be to the Father, to the Son and The Holy Ghost,


Written by Gary Cox on 7/17/2019

Inspired by Psalm 26

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