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Why Not The Vaccine 2021

To Mark It, to market

Our Holy Bible tells us we will not be able to buy or sell without taking the Mark of the Beast. This means you may lose your job and your income and your ability to buy groceries, gas, all electronic digital communications and everything else to squeeze you to give up. So are they going to force it on you? They'll make your life a living hell for not taking it and if you're not strong in your faith in Jesus Christ you will give up. For those who don't we are told in the fifth seal of Revelation that the Christians are martyred so we'll probably get our heads cut off.

So what's in the vaccine because we keep being told that this is a two-step process? The first vaccine has hydrogel in it which has an enzyme that attaches to mRNA which splices in a protein into your DNA code and genetically modifies you from the Image of God into the Image of the Beast. It also contains thousands if not millions of nanoparticles that will control you through 5G frequencies. Then we need to add human baby parts. You know if you don't have the right blood type you're going to have bad side effects just from that alone. Then you just add your typical endless list of toxins that they put in.

Now let's say that Bill Gates is right. Remember on Ted TV that he said if we do a really good job with the vaccinations we can reduce the world's population 10-15%? For simplicity he's talking about murdering 1 billion people approximately. So let's say you're one of the lucky ones and you dodged the death bullet and you didn't even get any physical neurological side effects from it. You're DNA is still modified and you're still completely controllable by 5G.

And what's in the second injection? This is the one that goes on your hand or on your forehead. It contains a substance called Luciferase named after Lucifer who God renamed Satan the devil. You can scan your hand with it and it would light up like fluorescent glow in the dark indicating that you are under Lucifer's light and you belong to him. Now you have Satan's Mark of the Beast and you will spend eternity in hell because you sold your soul for whatever goodies you thought you were going to get.

It is possible that there will be more than one preliminary vaccine before the final mark of the beast with Luciferase is put in your hand or forehead. Nonetheless, you don't want to get started down this road because it's going to just take you to a painful prolonged early death and ultimately an eternity in hell.

Written by Doug Rolling ...copied in January 2021

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