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Versatile Psalmist 95.0

Like A Good Neighbor

When you see a stranger on the road in great need

From your overflow of provision it is thus decreed

Have mercy

When you see a mother whose hubby died too soon

Be considerate of what she looks like this afternoon

Have grace

When you see a young person selling their many wares

Contribute to their well-being, be the person who cares

Make the time

When you see the elderly trying to explain a memory

Let them have the chance to be alive in their revelry

Be an audience

When your pantry is overflowing with no more room

Give to the local soup kitchen cancelling their doom

Be a cheerful giver

When your wife is not feeling well, bring the medicine

Showing her the gratitude that you are feeling within

Tend to her needs

Do not let the cares and concerns of life harden your heart

Contribute to the world around you and do not stand apart

Be a kind neighbor

Written by Gary Cox 11/04/ God be the glory

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