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Versatile Psalmist 93.0

The Horses Gallop

The massive armies are coming from the East and the West

They have challenged the Lord Jesus Christ to a deadly test,

With great missiles, war planes and the latest in technology

Marching towards Armageddon at the behest of the enemy.

Here He comes now and His followers are riding many horses

Death to God and now I will reign supreme sound the choruses,

As the weapons ascend, the Lord with but a thought destroys all

Like a poem written about Humpty Dumpty, the enemy will fall.

With but a breathe and a word He speaks, Armageddon flows

A river of blood up to the bridle of the horses everywhere goes,

What a folly and travesty that so many will take the beast’s mark

The Light has descended and now ended is the ruler of the dark.

The culmination and the crucible of this age will be on display

The Lord in His Power and glory will conquer and carry the day,

Have you chosen on which side of this battle that you will serve?

I hope that you reflect soberly and that my words strike a nerve.

Written by Gary Cox 11/02/2020, to God be the glory

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