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Versatile Psalmist 90.0

Tossed Away

If our days are brief and over as quickly as a mist or vapor

We would do well to seek the Lord’s blessing and favor,

Is the Lord merely a man that can be bribed with money?

Can we set him down at tea and give him bread and honey?

No, rather we should walk about soberly, living within His laws

Let us not tempt Him to anger and not giving Him just cause,

It is by how we treat the least of these that we shall be known

The harvest we reap hence is determined by the seeds sown.

Do you count the days and make them count as a gold treasure?

Do you redeem the time or use it in pursuits of carnal pleasure?

Do those closest to you see the love of God within your actions?

Are you a peacemaker or by your words divide men into factions?

You may ignore these words because it is not to me you will stand

Will the eternity you live be one filled with dreams you planned?

There is a Holy Book full of scripture with idioms and information

It applies thus equally to all of mankind regardless of their station.

Are you awake, has the media told you what to think on this day?

Do you get your inspiration from an athlete or do you truly pray?

These questions may illicit soul seeking and authentic repentance

At the end of His inquiry, will you remain or be tossed away hence?

Written by Gary Cox 10/20/2020, to God be the glory

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