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The Poets Pen Was Treed And Freed

The Poets Pen was composing and reposing his daily portion

When he heard speak into his spirit the child of an abortion,

She had a female voice that was filled with joy and certainty

Her words were a warning, mixed with sadness and a purity.

The scribe transferred the words from her spirit to the page

No longer contained inside of him like a beast within a cage,

He uploaded them onto a site that is now manned by satraps

With a fierce rage and growl, the Pen received his virtual slaps.

Three days of darkness and a time to think about conforming

The beast will be obeyed and even you, Pen, will be forming,

This is the first, but undoubtedly not the last, confrontation

It will be interesting to see how the Pen handles the situation.

Little does the beast know that of darkness, more than three

He and his master have a date with a lake of fire for eternity,

I can be silenced here in the natural, not of other dimensions

There is THE truth who rules and is not tolerating dissensions.

The aborted children have already been reborn and are waiting

To see justice administered to the beasts who are ever hating,

The Pen who was for three days treed has been freed to write

Of the Lord of Hosts, the cherubim and His kingdom of THE light.

Unlike the first man and woman, both confronted by the snake

With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, their errors I will not make,

It will bring glory to the Lord, when His children are thus revealed

Let them walk the narrow path; for now under His wings concealed.

Freed at last!!!

Written by Gary Cox 04/06/ God be the glory

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