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Versatile Psalmist 87.0

The sons of the most high shall dwell in that great city

Where the King of Kings rules with holy synchronicity,

They shall be peacemakers, looking to care for others

They mind their own business, honoring their brothers.

The children shall dwell in safety there, no cry is made

No drums of war shall be beating, no dirges are bade,

All shall labor in the morning, each like a shiny jewel

Breathing life to the city and each sunrise a renewal.

Many shall come from the four corners to see this sight

The harps shall be played daily and the Lamb is the light,

The weather shall be mellow with no more violent storms

Fruits shall be harvested in season with bountiful norms.

At last the sins of the flesh shall not dominate the minds

Each one shall give thanks for the gifts the Lord designs,

Songs shall be written and sung by the minstrels of this joy

Each shall be content as they’re born, whether girl or boy.

Come to New Jerusalem, the bride and the city of the King

Hosanna to the Messiah and let the sound of praises ring,

Let the former things of suffering be remembered no more

Let the holy harvest of the ages be enjoyed by The Sower!

Written by Gary Cox 10/13/2020,to God be the glory

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