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Versatile Psalmist 83.0

The Season Of Choosing

On the day that the seals of Revelation are broken

Then all will know that the Lord Himself has spoken,

Let all who are workers of iniquity that day find out

Yessua the Messiah shall rebuke them with a shout.

Today, the only voice speaking out is the leftist media

Whose evil propaganda both annoys and frustrates me,

The voice that sounds the last shall have the final say

When all workers of this lawlessness shall be put away.

Soon after this, the Trumpets of the Lord shall all sound

Weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth shall then abound,

Those who delight in the sacrifice of the pure and young

Shall be thrown into the fiery furnace and smell like dung.

A silence there shall be and great wrath of the seven bowls

Adding suffering to those remaining as brimstone and coals,

Finally on the plains of Megiddo, the son of perdition speaks

Until he is silenced by the ONE who created lakes and creeks.

So, the sounds that I hear forever among the disobedient

Will be silenced in my ears as their life force is now spent,

Before the many seals are broken, whose voice do you obey?

Choose you well, before the season of choosing is gone away.

Written by Gary Cox 08/30/2020, to God be the glory

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