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Versatile Psalmist 77.0

The Thundering

Who is this that causes the thunders to rumble their decree?

The Lord of Hosts who was crucified on a cross at Mount Calvary,

Who is this that calms the waters with but a commanding word?

The King of Kings whose mighty voice will over the Earth be heard.

Who is this that is worthy to open the scrolls found in Revelation

The Lamb of God who takes away all sin without any reservation,

Who is this who dispatches the angels to guard my path and way?

The Rider on the white horse who returns with His army one day.

Who is this to whom I shall give an account of my time and my life?

The Sword of the Spirit whose judgment is sharper than any knife,

Who is the One who inspires my pen to write many a varied poem?

He has prepared a place for me in His kingdom and heavenly home.

Let us give praise all of our days to the One who has set men free

Let us live a life worthy to be called Christian is my poetic decree,

So when all questions have been posed and the answers are found

Well done my good and faithful servant is the reply and the sound!

Written by Gary Cox 08/17/2020, to God be the glory

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