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Versatile Psalmist 76.0

Choose You This Day

Are you serving the Lord God with a heart that is humble?

Be not like the kings of the Earth who will fall and stumble,

When the book of the age of men is written and closed

The Lord shall destroy the proud; the despots deposed.

When you seek to capture away another thus betrothed

By the Lord of Hosts, you are an enemy to be so loathed,

What manner of life do you live and to Him give account?

Will you bribe Him as you do others with a certain amount?

Living a productive quiet of servitude is a gift to be given

Have you forgiven others and do you need to be forgiven?

Regardless of the calendar and the company that you keep

Will be accounted as one of the goats or one of the sheep?

There are many of the tribe of Israel who learned a lesson

Grumbling against Moses and refusing to receive a blessing,

Will you dismiss now my words and go your own way again?

Or now humbly bow and receive by faith Jesus Christ, amen!

written by Gary Cox 08/14/2020, to God be the glory

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