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Versatile Psalmist 75.0

The Day Of The Lord

The horns are blowing and what do they say?

The wicked shall be as chafe in the fire today,

The horn of the righteous man shall sing anew

I praise the Lord who is my strength to renew.

A day of reckoning has arrived, it is the harvest

The angels are sorting the chosen and blessed,

Old things are passed away and Eden blooms

Free of the serpent with his guile and dooms.

The King is ushering in an age of His simplicity

Where men are gardeners and all souls are free,

The despots, bankers, the moguls are no more

At last we will know what we were created for.

Sing a new song now and begin the celebration

Laugh like a child again without any hesitation,

The feast of the harvest shall be a sight to behold

Bow down to Jesus Christ and His crown of gold!

Written by Gary Cox 05/30/2020, to God be the glory

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