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Versatile Psalmist 70.0

The Crucible Of Creation

Right on time and in the precise moment of that exact day

Shall the Lord God Almighty come to carry me far away,

Though He may seem to tarry by the standards of man

He has seen the end and is carrying out His perfect plan.

In a crucible of human history when all seems to be lost

The fallen shall be defeated and into a fiery lake be tossed,

The King of Kings shall have the final say and be satisfied

The beast’s dream of trans humanism shall be thus denied.

Have you considered today which side shall obtain your vote?

Obtaining your own kingdom is an idea both foolish and remote,

Have the pages of the newspaper caused your eyes to now see?

Do you now understand where we are within this age of history?

You choose continually by your actions, motives and your words

Are giving, forgiving and humbly living your most prevalent verbs?

You will be able to say a great many things at the judgment day

Please have mercy on me, my Lord, are the words that I shall say.

Written by Gary Cox 04/07/2020, to God be the glory

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