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Versatile Psalmist 67.0

The Pass(ed) Over

Did you take the time during this season of sequestration?

To reach out to Him from whatever may be your situation?

Do you now hide His word in your heart against the day?

When your ability to read the Bible has been taken away.

After all of the verses in this Book have been since fulfilled

A new way of living shall be created and new tools milled,

Gardening, fellowship and praising His name shall then be

At the forefront of our every thought and our daily activity.

Are you studying His word now to show yourself approved?

Of charitable giving and holy living, are you to action moved?

The Earth that day shall once again offer her goodly increase

The Kingdom has been ushered in and it shall not ever cease.

Sing praises to The Lord Jesus’ name and let it be thus shown

You are reaping the harvest from the seeds you were a sowing,

Whatever is the heart of your desire, it shall then come to pass

Will your words be Hallelujah or in hell you will you wail oh alas?

Written by Gary Cox 03/26/2020, to God be the glory

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