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Versatile Psalmist 59.0

There are groups of men who see my zeal and my dedication

They plan my demise with strength of arms and preparation,

They continually bark like wild dogs in my midst to intimidate

I have not wronged them; their hatred for me shall not abate.

They think that I am blind to their schemes as a young lamb

They think to trick me out of my blessing with a clever scam,

Already they are digging my grave and prepared a furnace,

They believe their mockery shall be eternal and in earnest.

I call upon the Lord, whom I serve, to call down heavenly fire

Make the heathen to be consumed in an inferno and a pyre,

Show Yourself to be almighty, my God, and gather the harvest

Give to those making a living via the law what You deem best.

Whereas I plowed the fields, these men have made tall towers

I credit You for the yield, these men have become evil powers,

Sift out the hearts of all men as only You can and then decide

Make a chasm at the cross that is known as the Great Divide.


Written by Gary Cox 02/07/2020, to God be the glory

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