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Versatile Psalmist 58.0

There is a congress of men and women who hiss like adders

Spewing lies and propaganda from their venomous bladders,

They devise new and clever ways to keep the people in line

While living in the lap of luxury and decadence is their design.

It is all done legally and properly within the halls of a building

Made to resemble a marble womb with chambers of gilding,

They meet in secret with the bankers and devise schemes

To rob widows of their inheritance and devastate dreams.

They are amassed in secret societies that pilfer and pleasure

Of killing, abortion and sacrifice, it goes on without measure,

They have perverted the culture to show that wearing a suit

Is much better than being a farmer or another worthy pursuit.

Lord, how much longer will You allow this charade to advance?

Will You silence their autocratic music and see how they dance?

How can the family man work over the sound of beating drums?

Chanting war is what is in store and many other conundrums.

Rise up now, O Lord, and show that there is indeed a reward

For being righteous and brandishing your double-edged sword,

The charmers and scoffers sit idly while laughing in Your face

Let Your power be shown once again to all of the human race.


Written by Gary Cox 02/05/2020, to God be the glory

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