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Versatile Psalmist 52.0

Taming The Tongue

The human tongue can be found flitting about to and fro

Speaking juicy gossip of a neighbor so that all may know,

It delights in the sound of its own voice and never rests

It delights in ridicule and announcing who has failed tests.

It slithers about like the serpent in the garden, full of guile

It contains more motion than the waters of the mighty Nile,

There are whole channels of television for the talking heads

Who recant the drama of the day, filling others with dreads.

What shall be their end and does the Lord need a reporter?

Does He desire my brother to spy on me to keep the order?

No, He desires that I would tend to my own garden, be still

Taming my tongue while studying His Word and perfect will.

The Lord will sooner hear a simple prayer, Lord, I have failed

Than a man who speaks about others who have travailed,

The serpent that slithers inside of you will bruise your heel,

In name of Christ, crush its head with victory, joy and zeal!

Written by Gary Cox 01/26/2020, to God be the glory

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