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Versatile Psalmist 51.0

The Cleansing

In the fires of dire transgressions, my sins rise to meet You

I am a liar if I speak a confession of innocence unto You,

I was born into iniquity and my robes are as old filthy rags

My soul is surrounded by pestilence and yet still it brags.

I come to You today, Lord, as a broken and a contrite heart

Wash me in Your shed blood and create in me a clean start,

Let me study Your word and plant it as a seed into my soul

Producing a harvest of righteousness that makes me whole.

I will rejoice in Your salvation and with music make a report

If asked by others why I am so happy, I will make this retort,

Amazing grace to me is much more than just a sweet sound

I did not even know I was lost until Your joy was not around.

I will live out a quiet life of repentance and true humility

Thus pointing the way to You, so that the blind can all see,

That the sacrifice You desire is not on an altar of pure gold

Obedience of your laws with a soul never again to be sold.

You are the Lord and Savior who faithfully washes away

The stain of sins that are found in me, this is what I say!

Written by Gary Cox 01/25/2020, to God be the glory

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