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Versatile Psalmist 49.0

Grabbing The Gold

Which one of you with the acquisition of additional wealth

Has added a single day to your life or acquired perfect health?

Who was here when the dinosaurs walked in their own habitat?

Who can with a single word create a world, can you tell me that?

When the soul leaveth the body, does your gold travel with you?

A thousand years from now, will you be remembered by the few?

Have you financed your stairway to heaven, soon to take the climb?

Have you settled your debts with the Lord for once and for all time?

You would do well to remember the beasts grazing out in the field

Despite their strength and vigor; one day to the grave they yield,

Have you ever considered the gospel and whether it is all true?

Do you put your faith in Jesus Christ; what He has done for you?

I give it to you to make up your mind and then make a decision

Have you ever given altruistically, instead of perfecting addition?

All our money is just a manmade medium and a means to an end

Will you put your trust in the ONE who can save your soul? AMEN!

Written by Gary Cox 01/24/2020, to God be the glory

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