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Versatile Psalmist 44.0

The Land Of Promise

I am hearkening back to the days and stories of old

When as our God and Lord, by Moses we were told,

To enter in a land of promise that flowed with honey

Where true wealth abounds, even more than money.

For a time we were contented with the fat of the land

We became proud and arrogant; we did not understand,

We were given prophets to warn us to obey and repent

We murdered them and continued into a sinful descent.

Finally, You had enough; let our enemies have their way

We were scattered to the four winds, even until today,

No more is there a temple or the sounds of our sacrifice

Our lives are bitter and hard; almost anything but nice.

Will You forever reject us as Your children and heritage?

Will we ever again have Your protection as our hedge?

Will Messiah come to bring back what the enemy stole?

Will I see Your salvation with my eyes before I am old?

I am hearkening my ear now to listen as I fall down to pray

Help me to know Your truth, Lord, and show me the way…

Written by Gary Cox 01/20/2020, to God be the glory

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