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Versatile Psalmist 42.0

Like A Deer Pants For The Water

O my Lord and my God, I have run a race in which I fled

I searched out the dry places until my eyes were both red,

Many salty tears of agony did I cry; I cannot tell a lie, I fell

Among blazing brothels of lustfulness, I was destined for hell.

My soul longs to be purified in a water of eternal spring

I want to be like a child again; can You hear me, my King?

I feasted, but now I am fasted and will wait for Your call

I am humbled until You tell me once again to stand tall.

I lift up my eyes into the night skies and seek for Your return

Show me the ways of Your wisdom and help me to now learn,

Bathe me in Your holy light so that I might glorify Your name

Cast away my sin and once again, so that I am without blame.

I pant for You, Lord, like a wild buck after a spring of water

I chant for You, Lord; all praise to You, Lord, Abba Father!

Written by Gary Cox 01/17/2020 to God be the glory

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