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Versatile Psalmist 40.0

Counting My Blessings

The Lord has given me an inspiration and a new song

So others may be blessed and are glad to sing along,

The Lord has given me a hope and a means of salvation

He has heard my cries during my crucible of frustration.

The Lord has given me a humble place to lay my head

He has given me a wife and dreams as I lay in my bed,

The Lord has given me laws that lead to life and to Him

He has planted these laws in my heart and deep within.

The Lord has given me the courage to meet each new day

The rain in season for growing and the sun to light the way,

The Lord has given me a tiny banner to boldly thus display

To rise above the obstacles and to walk upright in the fray.

The Lord has not condemned or asked me to be the offering

He came as a man and a Lamb, thus set aside His title as King,

The Lord showed me truth and a way to be among the meek

He became the example to emulate and the model to seek.

Let the song I am singing ring out throughout the entire land

We humble ourselves before the Lord, He enables us to stand,

Let the scribes thus write of the immortal and eternal chorus

The Lord of Lords and King of Kings who walks now before us!

Selah…glory be to the Lord and King

Selah…my God and my Everything!

Written by Gary Cox 01/ God be the glory

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