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Versatile Psalmist 38.0

The Prodigal Son

O my God, I come to you in humility right now

With tears in my eyes and sweat upon my brow,

As I examine my many words and my selfish deeds

I sway back and forth as the newly planted reeds.

I am on my face and I ask for your grace, I have sinned

In a drunken rage I let loose like a top that spinned,

I am not worthy, but still I ask; what else can I do?

I am no longer one of the proud or one of the few.

I have not bathed in days and in a stupor I did fall

My stench of sin is like a skunk that offends us all,

You are my salvation and only chance, hear my cry

Redeem me from the pit of Sheol and before I die.

I am ready to now repent and my brokenness is so true

If you give me a chance to walk, I will surely follow You,

O my Lord and Creator, hear my sad words and restore

Giving me a chance to show others what mercy is for.

Abba, Father…I am here on all fours

Abba, Father…I desire to be Yours!

Written by Gary Cox 01/15/2020, to God be the glory

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