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Versatile Psalmist 36.0

The Satrap Is Trapped

As a new world order lackey and stooge, I now truly realize

That my actions are acceptable and good in my own eyes,

I spew words of propaganda, false news and great deceit

When one points out the facts, I then make a hasty retreat.

I sit up in bed all night and devise even more wicked schemes

I will make your life a nightmare to fulfill my wildest dreams,

I will not cry out for mercy if this so called lord comes down

I have my bunker and my supplies buried deep underground.

I will go on, making more laws to further shackle the poor

Wait until my master comes down and what he has in store,

My cohorts have been in a prison and to this day are so tied

When they are unleashed, and then see their immense pride.

Love will become illegal and there will be no more smiling

We will force a mark to be accepted with subtle beguiling,

Watch the illuminati programming that we send in a box

To brainwash the sheeple and to distract all of the flocks.

We will be watching via your devices and smart phones

You cannot eliminate us for we are many and are clones,

Enjoy this day what your flesh desires and to thus believe

The total transformation of the creation is ours to achieve.

You would do well to keep silent and we are all provoked

For the truth will be buried and free will becomes choked,

There will be no garden and pardon; for you are doomed

When the Nephilim are on the scene and all is thus ruined!

Crafted from the verses of Psalm 36 that speak to the desires of those who live in a lifestyle of evil and wickedness…

Written by Gary Cox 01/14/2020, to God be the glory

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