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Versatile Psalmist 35.0

The Deliverance Of A Child

There was a season of my life where there were wicked men

Always looking for a reason to accuse me whenever and then,

Their lust for violence and oppression was met with opportunity

The target of their own evil ways was a young boy and was me.

I endured such seasons of my life without the reasons of why

Many pools of terrible tears were filled as I sorrowfully did cry,

I learned to look upon all human males as the bullies and jerks

I learned to mask the pain with a smile that would hide the hurts.

I grew older and was able to escape this situation at long lasting

An ability to truly connect with others was elusive and fasting,

You would have never known it as I was always a talented actor

If I moved fast enough and acted tough, denial the benefactor.

Even though I was no longer in physical danger, the past remained

Like a spot of soil on a pure, white garment; my soul was stained,

I looked to the arms of many women to find a lasting absolution

As long as were having fun, this was but a temporary solution.

After I had come to the end of myself, I let out a wail and a cry

I asked the Lord to either take me home or thus to let me die,

He did neither and into my spirit spoke the words of His renewal

I was to study His words and make the Holy Bible a daily perusal.

I still do have not all of the answers to the questions from before

But I have gathered into my soul a treasure, a legacy and a store,

I cannot say for certain where it is that you are at on your journey

But I encourage you to daily keep the faith and to learn from me.

Cry out to the Lord Almighty, for He is near the hearts of the broken

Listen then intently to the words of life that He has to you spoken,

If you have small children someday, tell them of Jesus’ righteousness

Show them all of the love of God and then patiently, carefully bless!

Written by Gary Cox 09/17/2019, to God be the glory

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