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Versatile Psalmist 34.0

May My Words Be Full

O Lord, in the ears of my sisters and my brothers, I confess

That in my younger days, my life was full of turmoil; a mess,

I was searching for something elusive while going to and fro

I sought after a lasting peace and it eluded me, You know.

For a while, my bankroll and my bravado thus sustained me

On the outside I smiled and inwardly, I longed to be set free,

My wealth was soon exhausted and my health had eroded

I was living in a mirage of a gilded cage and quite corroded.

When living out of an older vehicle in a strange, violent city

I cried out to the Lord; in His mercy, He had grace and pity,

There were still many years of trials left for me to endure

But I felt Him give me a promise that was mine to secure.

If I would stay humble and walk a holy path along the way

A happy home of poetry, family and bliss was mine to stay,

I did not understand the forks in the road, but lived by faith

Reading more of His holy word and knowing what He saith.

As I am writing these words now to you within the pavilion

This time of testing seems years ago, perhaps even a million,

I hope that the younger ones reading this poem will then yield

Allow the Lord’s will to fill them and protect them as a shield.

I now know beyond a reasonable doubt, I cannot do this alone

I am grateful for my wife, who has helped me build this home,

I do my best to show my daughter an example of the way to be

I praise the Lord of Hosts for not abandoning or forsaking me.

Do your ears ring out with the beating of the world’s loud drums?

Proclaiming to you that you can have it all with many conundrums,

How many more years must you wander the desert to understand?

That without Jesus Christ you shall not reach the Promised Land.

I write these words of truth to each of you as a personal testimony

I am not seeking your money, your approval; am not charging a fee,

It is my desire that my experiences in the empty quagmire of pain

Will cause you to call to the Lord and allow Him to rule and reign.

May the credit and the glory for my psalms and my many poems

Belong to the Lord alone and be the foundation of humble homes,

So that when I stand before Him and gaze into His majestic face

My words are full of praise for His sacrifice and His amazing grace!

written by Gary Cox 09/12/2019, to God be the glory

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