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Versatile Psalmist 33.0

The Beautiful Banquet

All hail to the Lord and the Creator of the cosmos infinite

All will bow down now; give glory and all that is within it,

Is not the potter able to mold the clay to His specification?

We offer up our voices as a chorus of humble dedication.

Now sound all you animals that are born of flesh and bone

Make a parade like in the days of Noah, near to His throne,

Dance brightly, o celestial stars, and twinkle while in His sight

Just like the Bethlehem star we sing about in O Holy Night.

Let the angel band bring forth a symphony for all to hear

Make it flow through our souls with a melody that is clear,

Give a shout now, all you saints; the redeemed of creation

Raise your hands in victory, all the tribes of all the nations.

May the flowers all bloom and sing a sonata to the King

May the fragrance be a perfume, transforming everything,

May the bright colors of Heaven that on Earth are not seen

Make a rainbow iridescent with all of the shades in between.

May we forever lose track of time and the constant passing

May this regal moment be the climax that is never surpassing,

May the tables be set with a banquet that is simply the best

May the guests and the bridegroom now be happy and blessed.

The Bride has at last prepared herself and is gathered together

The picture of Eden from long ago; a rose bush in the heather,

May the memory of anything unpleasant be wiped from her eyes

May the look on the Lord’s face be the best and happiest surprise.

Let us toast to this moment and may it live forever in our songs

When the King restores peace and finally rights all of the wrongs,

If you are present there for the feast, for so long in preparation

Give homage to the Lord, the Messiah and His holy revelation!

Written by Gary Cox 09/06/2019, to God be the glory

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