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Versatile Psalmist 31.0

Bye Bye, American Pie

The government that I thought I had chosen and then elected

Views me as an insect; to be studied, enslaved and dissected,

I do not understand just exactly how all of this came to be

I thought that we were patriots, living in the land of the free?

We now must live in hiding while the NWO troops are residing

Enjoying the comfort of the homesteads that we helped to build,

Why did the media not warn us of this pending collapse and doom?

Why do foreigners eat from the soil that we worked and tilled?

How can this be, I ask myself through my tears and my sorrows

There are now no more happy holidays or any joyful tomorrows,

We bribed the public officials and installed the investment bankers

Why is there no more fossil fuel coming from the ocean tankers?

I no longer hear the voice of the NRA and the tenets it had to say

There are no more children in the parks and no more sounds of play,

If there is a God in heaven, I hope He will rescue me or let me die

I am hungry and thirsty; I am broken and I will wail, lament and cry.

There is the smell of gunpowder and radiation that floats on the air

There are vultures, flies and drones that have gathered everywhere,

There is not much else that I can do and no more words to even say

Bye, bye, American pie; this concludes the dirge of the good ole USA.

Author’s notes: This poem was inspired by Psalm 31 and borrows a line from Don McClean. I hope that these words do not come true in my lifetime, but I have a feeling that they will. This is certainly one of the darkest poems I have ever written.

Gary Cox 08/22/2019 to God be the glory

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