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Versatile Psalmist 147.0

Great is the Lord and beyond human comprehension now is He

His power, daily and by the hour, causes the darkness to flee,

What I shall say of the Lord that is not recorded in His books?

Discern the true value of the content and not just by the looks.

If there is an area of the heart that needs a new piece to mend

The Lord is the master surgeon and the greatest of all, my friend,

Who is better to understand your inner man, but your creator?

Be quick to humble yourself before Him; not a master debater.

Who here has hung the stars in the sky and gave them His light?

Who here has measured the days and blesses us all of the night?

Who here has walked on the water and calmed the storm at sea?

Christ Jesus was His name while on the Earth from tiny Galilee.

Many are longing to hear the trumpet call and be gathered home

Beneath the shelter of His mighty wings, safe within His tall dome,

All who have breath will someday bow before Him and then kneel

Speaking the name of the true King, regardless of how they feel.

Do you give Him glory now and will then give to you a gold crown?

Lift up your head to see His redemption while listening for the sound,

A shofar shall blow and the age of the dominion of sin shall then end

Ushering in the age of the King with Hosanna’s and praises, AMEN!

Written by Gary Cox 03/18/ God be the glory

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