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Versatile Psalmist 145.0

He Who Prays Shall Praise

To petition God in a holy and humble way, be he who prays

Read the Word, meditate on what you heard in love always,

With deep contrition, we can approach our God who hears

In this position with His strength, we can overcome our fears.

There will be those who delight in giving the Lord the praise

An army of overcomers in the service of Light shall He raise,

To be in the praise, it started with a willingness to be molded

Being he who prays, by the world system he is forever scolded.

No matter to this, for there will come a day of great dividing

Your Earthly deeds will come to light, regardless of the hiding,

Will you find your name in the Book and be called then a saint?

Or be tossed into Gehenna, a place where the Lord simply ain’t?

A praying man is a staying man, never chasing another’s wife

Be one who is praising in service of the Lord all thru your life,

Are you able to hear this still, small voice who beckons you?

Giving praise to God always is a power eternal to then imbue.

Can you see the finish line and are you running the race strong?

There isn’t time to whine; within His victory will you sing along?

Oh praise to the Lord, the almighty and the Lord of all creation!

Your place in His praise is completed with an eternal preparation.


Written by Gary Cox 03/12/ God be the glory

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