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Versatile Psalmist 144.0

The Full Armor Of God

There is a battle that rages with a soul to be lost and won

The war of the ages of the serpent versus God’s only Son,

You have been caught up in the war as part of the creation

Let me take this time now to make this simple presentation.

We have been born into this reality in which sin now rules

A body of flesh that requires constant attention are the tools,

A few hours of lack and even the most patient is ill at ease

We lie to ourselves whenever we say we do as we please.

Give this body all that it desires and much suffering ensues

Our greedy quest of all that seems best are the carnal clues,

Never looking to another, even if they are flesh and blood

Needing to be seen by others as a prima donna or a stud.

Mirror, mirror on the wall; who is the most gifted of us all?

Asks our vanity while with our sanity, we vainly stand tall,

Is there a release from this constant increase of shiny things?

Within our cul de sacs of suburbia, are we truly now the kings?

The Bible paints a different ending of this picture in the whole

One destination is to be with the King, while the other is Sheol,

There is armor that one must wear in order to defeat the snake

Here it is listed and you must wear it daily, making no mistake.

There is surely the belt of truth and it is truly one size fits all

On our breastplate is righteousness, helping us stand up tall,

There is the shield of faith, which will quench the fiery darts

Then there is the sword of the Spirit, which pierces the hearts.

Put on the shoes of the gospel of peace and wherever you go

The helmet of salvation into your destination shall then follow,

I speak the truth, even if it sounds uncouth, be a warrior true

The victory in Jesus shall be the result of this life for all of you.

Rely not upon your own strength, for the serpent has the guile

He troubled Lord Jesus while in the desert and Moses on the Nile,

Take heed of my words and all you have now heard, do not delay!

The armor can defend you and it is most potent while you do pray.


Written by Gary Cox 03/11/ God be the glory

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